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    3D Modeling Services

    Architectural Models, Site Planning, Product Design, 3D Branding...

  • The Lot - Food Truck & Beer Garden - Bend, Central Oregon

    The Lot – Food Truck & Beer Garden

    Client: Blaise Cacciola Architect | Spring 2013

3D Modeling

We bring your designs to life. Using everything from napkin sketches
to detailed CAD files, we create visuals that convey space, light, and design. Your client will see their project from a multitude of angles, choose from just the right lighting, and decide on color and texture with ease.

3D Modeling



Offering views from every angle with shadows, sunlight, 360-degree orbits, virtual tours, and animated elements. Animation allows an endless combination of visual options.

SketchUp Instruction

Possibly THE easiest 3D modeling program to learn, SketchUp can be used for:

  • Architecture
  • interior design
  • Product & Packaging Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Woodworking
  • Industrial Design
  • Game Design

Slow or fast paced private classes available – 559.860.9998

3D Modeling - SketchUp